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Show me a sign

In our series prayer we journey through John's seven signs. Every week we'll explore a new powerful sign that show who Jesus was and is and what that means for us.


During Prayer, we're going to pray through some really difficult topics. Join us in praying for our city, nation, and world.

In the Fullness of Time

We've probably all experienced being saved at just the right time. Perhaps in school, you were saved by the bell. Maybe someone came to your rescue in a medical emergency. Whatever your story is, being saved just in time is always good. Jesus came to us at just the right time so that we could have salvation. Listen to our Christmas series, "In the Fullness of Time."

Strange Kingdom

When Jesus came he established his kingdom, but it was different than anyone expected. While his inaugural address was at the sermon on the mount, the Apostle Paul expands our view of his kingship and kingdom in the book of Colossians. When we get a glimpse of it, it's strange and nothing like we expected. Listen as we understand how Jesus' heavenly kingdom touches earth.