Why I Stopped Hating Fire Ants

If you were to paint the U.S. from Maryland to the most southern tip of Texas then west to southern California you'd outline the natural habitat of a vile creature. Every year five-thousand people are sent to the emergency room, twenty-five-thousand seek medical attention, and some have even been known to die after an unsuspecting run-in with these beasts. Sharks? Spiders? Snakes? No... Fire ants.

I grew up in South Carolina where, no matter what you're taught in school, fire ants are the state insect. We would find their sandy strongholds all over our yard and spend hours trying to keep them at bay. I had absolutely no respect for these little creatures until I watched an incredibly fascinating documentary a few years ago called, "Fire Ants: The Invincible Army." I know, it sounds boring, but it was one of those revolutionary out of nowhere documentaries that changed how I viewed the world. I no longer hate the fire ant, but marvel at its incredible design based in its ability to partner.

One fire ant on its own is no big deal. It's a squish under the thumb. Ten fire ants become a bit of a problem, and a thousand is insurmountable. I won't spoil the whole documentary, but let me give you two amazing communal superpowers for these insects. Did you know fire ants can repel down long cliffs by making an interconnected rope out of fellow ants? It's unbelievable. This week saw much of the south pummeled by Hurricane Dorian. While humans were being air rescued in coastal North Carolina, fire ants had made a boat out of ants. The ants on the bottom hold their breath while the ants on top breathe. Then when the bottom ants need air, they move to the top, and the top ants go to the bottom. Amazing, I know.

They are invincible because of the inherent partnership in the mound. They help, serve, and sacrifice for the good of each other and the benefit of the mound.

Tomorrow we take a look at how we can do more than we ever imagined through gospel partnership. When we bond together for the glory of God and the good of the city, we're invincible. Join us as we see from the Scriptures how Mosaic is aspiring to do that in Jamaica Plain and around our city. I can't wait!

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