The Trinity and Its Bad Analogies

This week we tackle one of the most difficult discussions in Christianity: The Trinity.  We've never been afraid to tackle the hard topics.

Over my 15 years of ministry, there are few doctrines that have caused more confusion than the doctrine of the Trinity. I've heard people give some really creative analogies to explain the Triune God. From eggs to Neapolitan ice cream and everything in between. They all fail and some more catastrophic than others. I always hate explaining which heresy their analogy affirms, but it's one of those annoying things pastors have to do.

If we think we've fully understood the Trinity, we're probably heretics. I don't know if you'll think it's as funny as I do, but check out one of my favorite Youtube videos on the Trinity below. In it, Saint Patrick gives his best Trinitarian analogies to some heathen Irishmen and they're not having any of it.

While we'll never fully understand the Trinity, we don't have to resign ourselves to knowing nothing about it. Tomorrow we look at the beautiful doctrine of the Triune God. I'd love if you'd come worship with us. God is greater than you ever imagined.

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