Let Me Tell You About My Hero

I have a hero. He became my hero in 2016. His name is Hunter Renfrow. And you're probably saying, "Who?"

From a large family of six in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Renfrow grew up playing football with his siblings in the backyard. As he grew, it became obvious that he was an incredible athlete. At his high school, passing was a rarity, so his athleticism was put to use to scramble in the quarterback position. For most, being quarterback is the star position, but Hunter dreamed of being a receiver at Clemson University. Yet, at 5'11" and 155 pounds, Renfrow wasn't exactly elite ACC college football receiver material. Clemson did not recruit or offer him a scholarship, but the told him he could be a walk-on. If he proved himself in tryouts he could play.

And wow, did he ever prove himself. Jeff Scott, the wide receiver coach said, "Hunter has been a guy who really embraced his role, whatever that role was. He did it to the very best of his ability." By 2015 he earned a place on the team and a scholarship to play. Hunter never had delusions of being a top-tier receiver and when asked about his goals playing at Clemson, he said, "I just want to contribute to the team."

He ended up contributing in a huge way. Not only did he go on to be one of Deshaun Watson's favorite targets in the 2016 championship season, he caught the championship-winning touchdown to break a tie game between Clemson and Alabama with seconds left on the clock. And that wasn't a one-off, he also became an integral part of the 2018 championship team (Considered by some to be the best college football team in history).

This past NFL draft, scrappy Hunter Renfrow was drafted as a receiver to the Oakland Raiders. We'll see what happens in his NFL career, but if there is one thing that's for sure, Renfrow has never been satisfied with being on the sidelines. He wanted to be in the game and contribute. It was that attitude that made him my college football hero and took him from a nobody walk-on to an NFL receiver.

Tomorrow is "Serve Sunday." I'm going to ask you to get in the game. Following Christ has never been a spectator sport. It's always been all-in. Jesus said, "If anyone wants to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me." Take up your cross was another way of saying: Die to yourself. That is all-in. You'll hear about several ways tomorrow that you can get out of the stands, walk on to the team, and contribute... And you never know what kind of amazing things God can do with a player that's there to contribute. I can't wait to see you tomorrow!