What Cures That Homesick Feeling?

Have you ever been homesick? I mean, really homesick? It's a horrible feeling and probably one of the worst feelings I dealt with as a child. Around 11 or 12 years old I thought it would be a good idea to go to... clown camp. I'm a little embarrassed to mention it now. And I could have changed this story to Baseball camp or Football camp and you'd never know the difference. But I'd be lying. Just trying to keep it real. Don't judge me too hard.

Honestly, at the time it sounded like a good idea. I learned skills that I still use to this day: plate spinning (I do so much of this now, you wouldn't believe it), balloon twisting, and even stilt walking. But within hours of getting to this secluded camp, I became inconsolably homesick. And it wasn't so much how long I had been away from home, as much as, how long I had to go. I remember looking at the schedule in the greenish-blue camp booklet and realizing I had 3 whole more days. I felt hopeless.

All I did was cry allthetime, which is not a good look for a clown. But there was one thing that gave me comfort. Again, just being authentic here. I would distract myself by going back to the dorm when no one was there and jumping around the dorm singing, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” For moments I could stop crying, but it never solved the problem. It only distractedme from the reality of my homesickness.

I can't remember why I couldn't use a phone to call my mom, but I eventually found a car phone that an adult at the camp let me use to call my her (it probably only cost them $3 a minute). We talked, she consoled me,and then decided to drive the two hours and pick me up. I remember watching her drive up and the moment my eyes saw her my homesickness was left.

I wasn't house-sick. As much as I loved my Sega Genesis, my homesickness was not solved by bringing me my stuff. The real solution to the problem was seeing Mom. Why? Because my mom had my heart and because homewas where she was.

So many times in life we distract ourselves with things, looking for meaning, but they never truly solve the problem. There is only one person who cures us of the eternal longing we have. So, tomorrow we end our series on having an eternal perspective by asking the question, who has your heart? I'd love for you to join us!

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