Time Flies

There are songs out there that are designed to make you cry. I'm sure you can think of one or two that just hit you right in the feels, but do you remember that emotional classic "Butterfly Kisses"? It seems to have been designed to make a daddy cry. I know, I know, the song is super cheesy and manipulative, but also real. My daughter is heading off to middle school this week, and I'm a bit of a wreck. While I've always made fun of people that say "They grow up before you know it," there is a lot of truth to that. Your story has a beginning and will have an end. Time marches on. I hope I didn't throw you into too much of an existential crisis.

As followers of Christ, we have to expand our time frame. Sure, our time on earth is limited. Kids grow up, we get older, and one day we'll finish the race. But ultimately we deal in the time frame of forever. We have to struggle with the reality that everyone will live forever somewhere. Not to get all fire and brimstone, but there are two choices. Heaven or hell, and hell is the default.

As we look at the circles we work and live in, there should be a part of us that thinks about the eternal destination of those around us. I don't know about you, but I can conveniently push those kinds of thoughts to the back of my mind. I want you to ask yourself a few questions: Where will my friends spend their eternity? Do I love them enough to want them to spend eternity with Jesus? Am I brave enough to talk to them?

Over the next three weeks, we're going to explore this idea of eternity. I know it's going to be revolutionary for some of you because just studying it has been really powerful for me. I can't wait to worship Jesus with you tomorrow!