Looking For Me

My son just turned three in June. Compared to a lot of toddlers and young children that I’ve been around he is very pleasant. He pops up at 6:15 am ready to play and goes through toy after toy, book after book and song after song until he goes to bed at 8 pm (after 30 minutes of stalling). It’s draining keeping up with him, but extremely exciting to watch him grow. 

I have to admit, though, that we’ve reached a phase with Drew that has me slightly concerned. He’s reached that phase where he constantly wants to look at pictures on our phones. On special occasions, we give in to his requests. What is he looking for when he has access to our pictures? Himself of course! He scrolls through and zooms in on the pictures (with freakish skill and speed for not having been trained) seeking to find the photos of himself that give him the best laugh. It’s really cute and kind of creepy at the same time. 

While I want to roll my eyes as he does this, I can’t. I’m in my thirties and, honestly, when I look at a group photo or photo that I’m tagged in on Facebook I’m the first person that I look at (I swear every time my wife posts a photo of us on Facebook, she looks great and I look like some random dude that’s 10 years older than her that just rolled out of bed!). I can’t shake this habit that I developed while I was obsessed with myself like my son is right now. I think a lot of us are guilty of this.

This week at Mosaic Jamaica Plain, I want to harness this tendency to look for ourselves in pictures. I’ll show you a few pictures of different groups interacting with Jesus in Mark 8 and ask you to identify what group picture you find yourself in. I know this sounds like a corny exercise, but I promise that it has eternal consequences! Join us for worship tomorrow if you want to partake!

Join us for worship tomorrow!
10:30 AM
Curley K-8
493 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain 02130