Break Every Chain

Now, I know there are some preacher's kids who go off the deep end, but that’s not my story. I wasn’t perfect, but honestly, I was a relatively good kid. The problem with being a “good" preacher's kid is that you don't have one of those really "good" testimonies.

If you're unfamiliar, a testimony is the story about how you came to know and follow Jesus. Based on the Apostle Paul's story, they're usually made up of your life before Jesus, how you came to know and follow him, and how he changed your life.

Mine went something like this, "Before Christ, I went to church eight days a week. I read my Bible. I prayed a lot. And didn’t cuss." But every good testimony needs its big sin, so I'd really spice it up with something like, "There was this one time when I watched 'Mrs. Doubtfire' without my parents knowing. But then Jesus came into my life and I went to church every week… read my Bible… prayed… didn’t cuss." My story just wasn't compelling next to some testimonies. Being a preachers kid at church every week, I got to hear the doozies.

A person would be asked to share their testimony and it would go something like this, "A few years ago I was drunk every day. I had gambled away my life savings traveling around the state from video poker machine to video poker machine. I went to jail, got out, joined a gang, sold drugs, and ran around with hookers. Eventually I was living out of my car and on the weekends snorting coke off a plastic chinete knife. I lost my job, my wife, and my kids. But then Jesus broke all my chains! He freed me from the prison I had put myself in. Now my life is coming back together, I’m off drugs, my wife came back, and I’m building a relationship with my kids again." While this is a conglomeration of several stories I heard throughout the years, these are all real elements from real stories that stuck with me.

At the end of their story, everyone was weeping and people were giving their lives to Jesus. It was awesome!

Anyone in their right minds wouldn't want that story... but as stupid as it sounds, I was always a little jealous. I thought, my testimony is so lame compared to theirs.

But what I came to find out is that the power of God in some stories is more evident to us, but in the kingdom of God, there are no boring stories of redemption. Many times when we think our story is boring, we're downplaying our sinfulness and underplaying the incredible act of redemption done by Christ in our place. I've come to find out that I'm far more sinful than I ever imagined, and "Mrs. Doubtfire" is just the tip of the iceberg. My pride blinded me to the real depth of my depravity. But Jesus saved even me. You see, every story is a miracle story of Jesus breaking the chains of death, giving us life, and setting us free.

Tomorrow, we look at a man that would put every other testimony to shame. He was as bad as anyone in the Scriptures. He was violent, insane, and demon possessed. But when he collided with Jesus, everything changed. Though the details are different, in a lot of ways, his story is our story. Join us tomorrow as we examine what the Scriptures say about Demons and Mark 5.

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