Superficially Similar and Fundamentally Different

A few months back I was talking to a friend about his adjustment to married life. He told me a funny story about how his wife wanted to surprise him with brownies. Brownies, that sounds pretty awesome. Who wouldn't want to be surprised by sweet chocolaty goodness? It was a caring gesture and without hesitation, my friend obliged his bride by eating one of these chocolate delights.

The moment it entered his mouth he suspected something wasn't quite right. A few seconds later he knew something was terribly off about these brownies. With a mouth full of brown goo, while having that awkward enunciation that happens when you can't move your tongue, he asked, "Wha 'i 'ou 'oo ‘oo 'ese 'rownies" (What did you do to these brownies)?

A bit offended, his wife shot back, "Nothing!"

"Something is weird about these," He said with brown drool running down his chin, "You did something different!"

After a few seconds, she responded, "Well, they're black-bean-brownies, if that's what you mean?"

If you don't know what a black-bean-brownie is, it is an abomination. I'm pretty sure it's outlawed in the Old Testament (Ok, not really, but it should've been). As far as my research can tell, It's where black beans are used to replace the flour for a gluten free "treat." For the record, there is no way to mask the taste of black beans. And if you love them, more power to you, but they're not brownies in the strictest sense.

Black-bean-brownies and actual brownies are superficially similar and fundamentally different. Superficially they look like brownies, they may even smell like brownies, but in the most important category: taste, they're nothing like brownies.

Tomorrow we're asking the question, "Are all religions essentially the same?" While there are some superficial similarities, once put to the proper test, it's immediately obvious they, like brownies and black-bean-brownies, are all fundamentally different. I'd love for you to join us!

Join us for worship tomorrow!
10:30 AM
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