Is Christianity Inherently Oppressive?

In 1915 Peter L. Jensen invented the first moving coil loudspeaker, and his invention is still used today. Every Sunday a group of amazing and dedicated volunteers put four of them up at Curley so we can have sound amplification. You can have your face melted off by your favorite guitar riff or belt to your new summer jam because of the loudspeaker. It’s an amazing invention that has allowed people to hear and experience wonderful speeches like Dr. King’s “I have a dream,” and music like Queens, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Just a few years after this wonderful invention, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, used this technology for evil intent. Loudspeakers were placed all over public areas, in factories, and schools, so that important Nazi propaganda, speeches, and broadcasts were heard live by nearly all Germans. Hitler's Minister for Armaments and War Production, Albert Speer said that "Through technical devices like the radio and loudspeaker, 80 million people were deprived of independent thought." It’s amazing that something so wonderful could be used for such evil.

Imagine that you are a Jewish person in Nazi Germany. Every time the loudspeaker broadcasts you shutter at the wicked propaganda. Now, let’s say that you escape Nazi Germany and find refuge in the U.S. Yet, because of your experience with loudspeakers in Germany, you develop a deep distrust and aversion to loudspeakers. No matter what sound they are amplifying, every time you see or hear one, you can only think of the nightmare you experienced in Germany. You hate all loudspeakers, and to be honest, who can blame you?

One might ask the question, “Are loudspeakers inherently evil?” Of course not. But when a person’s most informative experience sees them used for great evil, the loudspeaker itself can be infused with evil.

This Sunday we ask the question, “Is Christianity inherently evil?” It’s an important question to ask. There is no doubt that Christians and the church have perpetrated much evil in the world. If you have experienced this evil first hand or even studied it, it would be hard to blame you if you thought the church was inherently evil. But perhaps it’s not Christianity that is evil, just your experience with it. Join us for Skeptic as we explore this important question.

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