Exclusive Jesus and the Unforgivable Sin

One of the least culturally attractive doctrines of Christianity comes from the mouth of Jesus himself.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Jesus is claiming that there is only one true way to God. For our culture, this idea smacks of arrogance and ignorance. People have asked me things like, “You’re telling me all the devout people in religion X are going to hell?” To which I always say something along the lines of, “If Jesus is who he said he was, and he really did die and resurrect, all of which I have good reasons to believe is true, then yes, all people who die without trusting in Christ end up in a Godless eternity.”

When pastor and theologian Tim Keller was pushed on whether devout Muslims would go to hell, he pointed out that there are a lot of churchgoers in Indiana that are going to hell.

His point is Jesus’ point. The key to salvation has never been growing up in the right town or the right family. The key to salvation is and has always been Jesus Christ. Jesus was clear, regardless of upbringing or geography, all people can only have a relationship with God through him. Yet, Jesus is even more exclusive than many of us realize. Even those in closest proximity to Jesus are just as hell-bound as the people we consider “far from God.”

In Mark 3:7-35 we’re going to see who Jesus considers his truest family and discover that even the most religious can be the people with the least amount of hope. God’s family is not made up of the religiously elite or those born with the ”right” blood, it comes through his Spirit.

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered about the unforgivable sin, Jesus mentions it this week. Have you committed the unforgivable sin? We’ll also take a dive on that topic this week and find out.