No Ultimate Authority, No Ultimate Meaning

Carl Sagan said, "The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be." We live in a city where the predominant worldview is philosophical materialism. The only thing that really exists is that which you can sense, observe, and test.

While nihilism can offer us absolute autonomy (No one’s in charge, yay us!), it cannot offer us hope. If no one rules the universe, ultimately, life is absurd. As theologian Albert Mohler pointed out, in this view “We are cosmic accidents riding on a cosmic accident through a much larger cosmic accident which is ultimately destined for doom.” Yay us?

In materialism there is no being who watches over his creation, there isn’t even a being that set it all in motion, there is nothing but brute nature. There isn’t even a God to be mad at when bad things happen, we’re just little accidents involved in other accidents in which awareness was snuffed out… accidentally. It’s all random. You have no purpose.

But at least in a materialistic worldview no ultimate authority can rule our lives. We are the masters of our destiny… no matter how short and meaningless it is.

As much as we often push back against authority, and buck at the idea of some ultimate moral authority, the truth is that internally we want one. Because a world without an ultimate authority is only an empty universe marching toward heat death. But we know there is more than this, and if there is more than the physical, observable world around us, we need to ask the questions: What or who is it and what is my responsibility to it?

Tomorrow we’re going to learn about a king that had such power and authority that neither the spiritual or physical worlds could disobey him. He dominated them, but not to cause pain, but to bring healing. Join us as we explore Mark 1:21-45 and see how King Jesus holds ultimate authority, hope, and purpose for our lives.

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