A New England Worship Service

Two hours in and it was cold, rain-snowing, and overrun with people. To compound the issue I had two young children with me, and they were absolutely miserable. But the atmosphere was frenetic with worship, and weirdly that made the misery a little bit worth it. Even my kids were willing to hang in there! Admittedly that may have been more about the DD donuts I promised them if they made it through without having a breakdown.

We were close to leaving because the rain-snow had begun to soak through our waterproof (resistant?) coats. But we heard it before we saw it. We heard screaming that began to move toward us like a wave at a football stadium. Not long after, I could make out confetti and smoke and duck boats. The Patriots had won their fifth Super Bowl and we had found a spot center stage at Downtown Crossing to watch Tom Brady hoist that sterling silver trophy over his head like Moses and the Ten Commandments. People were screaming, crying, singing, cussing (In a weirdly loving way), and praising. You would have thought the Ark of the Covenant was making its way through. Nope, just the New England Patriots and their five super bowl trophies. To be honest, I got all caught up in it too. That was the day I became a Patriots fan.

Everybody worships. Even New Englanders. The question isn’t if you’re going to worship. It’s who or what you’re going to worship. You already have a rhythm of worship in your life. But is that which you worship worthy?

Tomorrow we look at the Rhythm of Worship in the church and in our lives. I’d love for you to join us it’s going to be a fantastic worship service!

Go Pats! Beat LA!

Join us for worship tomorrow!
10:30 AM
Curley K-8
493 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain 02130