The Final Spiritual Rhythm

Tomorrow we finish our series Rhythms. Rhythms has been all about beginning habits in the new year that move you closer to Christ. We’ve covered a lot: Scripture reading, community, generosity, worship, and Sunday, we’re adding one more. While I think each one of those rhythms is needed in the Christian life, it can become overwhelming to try and start them all at the same time.

My encouragement is to focus in on one this year. Really hone and develop that new rhythm in your life and see how it changes you for the better. My guess is that really nailing one spiritual rhythm will begin to spill over into other areas of your life and create other unintended good rhythms. That’s what good rhythms tend to do.

So start reading your Bible more and watch how you desire Christian community and focused worship. Beginning attending a community group and watch how your desire for God’s Word increases. Become generous and see how that changes your perspective and activity in the church. Rhythms change rhythms. Begin a good rhythm, cut bad rhythms off, and reap a good reward.

This Sunday we look at our strangest and most mystical rhythm of all: Fasting. If not eating freaks you out, you’re not alone. Fasting is far from a new phenomenon. People have been doing it regularly for thousands of years for many reasons. This Sunday we look at its spiritual significance, what it can do for your life, and how to go about a fast. While fasting has recently been praised for its health benefits, it’s a fascinating discipline rooted in ancient religious practice.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

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