Punk Music Destroyed My Hearing

Besides being a really great typist, my brother is an incredible drummer. Seriously. Maybe they're related? Anyway, in high school and college, we had a pop-punk band together called Grade A, and had some amazing times.

As the drummer in a punk band, my brother's job was two-fold: Play fast and loud. Which he did with extraordinary enthusiasm. Also in the band was a friend that was incredibly protective of his ears. He swore to us that we'd be sorry if we didn't wear earplugs. We laughed him off like he was a crazy man and continued to play our shows cranked to 11.

I played the bass and sang stage right, and my brother's drum set was usually situated in the middle of the stage. This meant that my left ear got bombarded with more punk beats than God ever intended. I didn't think much about it at 19, but as I've gotten older I think about it often. For the record, it's not my brother's fault. He was simply doing his job.

Because of that sonic trauma, I have lost a significant amount of hearing in my left ear and endure a slight amount of ringing. I often have a hard time hearing what people say. If you put me in a crowded reverberating restaurant, I'll probably ask you to repeat yourself often. After I become too embarrassed, I'm going to do a lot of nodding and hope you don't say something important. I'm sure I'll eventually get hearing aids... Just saying that makes me feel old.

Although I loved the noise of punk music in the early 00s, it has caused me to miss the quieter sounds of life. Once life becomes all noise, we can only hear that which is louder.

Tomorrow we're looking at the Rhythm of Quiet. Last week we examined how Rhythms eat resolutions for lunch, this week we begin to look at real practical ways to begin spiritual rhythms that have the potential to change our lives.

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