Jobs That Don't Matter


There are few jobs that seem lower on the vocational totem pole than the grocery store bagger. People don't usually aspire to be baggers. It's entry-level and low paying. In the rush of getting out of the store, it's easy to look over your bagger. Is it a job that doesn't matter?

If you ever watched The Cosby Show you probably remember Elvin Larson Tibideaux. The husband of Sondra. While he often stuck his foot in his mouth, he had a good heart. You may have seen that this week he was found in a New Jersey Trader Joe's... bagging groceries. And the internet went crazy. Elvin bagging groceries? How did he fall so far? While many came to his defense, just as many online trolls shamed him... because he was doing a job that didn't matter.

And then, Elvin... I mean Geoffrey Owens, came out and made a beautiful statement. "There's no job better than another... every job is worthwhile... a certain job might have better benefits, it might look better on paper... [I hope] we start honoring the dignity of work and respect the dignity of the working person."

A twitter user aptly responded...

There are no jobs that don't matter. That is even truer in the economy of God's Kingdom. Tomorrow we look at a powerful passage in the book of Romans where Paul writes about the diverse and important God-given jobs in the church. Each of us has a place to serve, and each has a job to do to the glory of God.

Join us and learn how you can get involved in God's plan. You don't have to watch church happen anymore. You can play a vital role in the mission of Mosaic JP. There are no jobs that don't matter.

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