Timeless Wisdom and Modern Romance

What does the Bible say about dating? We’ll open to the book of 2 Hezekiah and look at everything Paul said on dating in his famous “Dating chapter.” Ok, that book doesn’t exist. Jesus, Paul, John, Moses, or any other biblical author never specifically discussed dating. And it wasn’t because they had some evil plan to mess with us. Scripture doesn’t call dating good, evil, or anything in between. Scripture says nothing about dating at all (although it does have several references to “Date palms,” but sadly these are not trees to have a date under, but a type of fruit). Imagine my shock, panic, and disappointment when I planned this message on dating to find there are no passages on dating in the Bible!

All the passages on dates in the Bible.

All the passages on dates in the Bible.

Ok, I didn’t panic. I took the class in grad school that explained that dating wasn’t a thing in Biblical times. In fact, dating wasn’t even invented until the early 1900s’, and in that day it could get you jail time. Many of those in power saw buying dinner and a movie for a woman as a form of prostitution. I’m not even kidding.

Scripture also never talks about iPhones, driving over the speed limit, or Fortnite addiction. Yet, it offers more than enough information to develop a worldview through which to see these modern issues. While the Bible never mentions dating it still has a lot to say about relationships. Tomorrow we’ll turn to several passages in scripture to develop a Scriptural and timeless understanding of modern romance.

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