It's Dangerous to Go Alone

When I came up with the title “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone” I was thinking metaphorically dangerous. Maybe it’s even dangerous for your spiritual or emotional state. I had no idea that it is physically dangerous to go alone.

A study done by Cigna this year and reported on by USA Today showed that common thought is that loneliness affects shut-ins and senior citizens the most. While many seniors suffer from loneliness, it turns out most people are wrong. The most connected generations in history, generation Z and millennials, are far more likely to report being lonely.

The effects of chronic loneliness are unbelievable. That same Cigna study showed that smoking 15 cigarettes a day and chronic loneliness contribute the same amount to one’s mortality. To put that in perspective, loneliness is more harmful to your health than being obese.

No one wants to be lonely, and most of us probably don’t shut ourselves in, but more and more as a society we seem to be isolating ourselves. Get on the train: head down, earbuds in. Get in the Uber: surf our phones. If you’re like me, too often you find yourself after a long day sitting around the house surfing Instagram instead of paying attention to the ones you love. We stuff the void with superficial interactions but miss the deep relationships we truly need. My fear is that one day we’ll all look up to find we’re alone.

Relationships are worth it, and stepping out of your comfort zone and finding people that will join you on this arduous journey we call life is essential. I don’t think that you shouldn’t do it alone…. I think you can’t do it alone. God made you for relationship. First for a relationship with him and, second, for a relationship with others. Join us in this new series as we discover the joy of going through life with others.

Life is way too dangerous to go alone.

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