A Home and a Hometown

A couple of weeks ago a friend sent me a perfect song for so many in Boston by Hannah Ellis called, "Home and a Hometown."*

'Cause I got highway and I got a back road
I got a fast-paced life and place I go to move slow
One I wanna make it, one I wanna make proud
No matter which one I'm leaving still wanna turn around
'Cause I got a home and I got a hometown

I'm not sure where you grew up. Yes, Some of you are right here from Boston, but as you Bostonians know, this town is filled with transplants and sojourners. You may be from New York City (And Boston feels quaint), have grown up in the woods, across an ocean, or the suburbs of thousands of U.S. cities. If Boston isn't where you grew up, you know the feeling of this song.

Two years ago today we left our home in Raleigh, NC** and made the trek to the great city of Boston. It feels like both a decade ago and yesterday. We could have never imagined all that God was going to do in our lives over the past two years. We've made wonderful friends, learned our way around a city planned by cows***, found and rented an apartment, made it through two winters... oh and helped start a new church. What was so foreign and scary just a couple of years ago has become home.

Tomorrow we turn to Jeremiah 29 and look at a time when God's people were far from their hometown, yet God told them to make a home and a difference. It's "Vision Sunday." Which means we're going to reflect a little and dream a lot. We'll take time to refocus our vision on what God wants, not just for Mosaic, but also for your life in the city. Whether you're here until you die or the end of your internship... or both, God wants to turn this town into your home. Will you let him?

Join us for worship!
10:30 AM
Curley K-8
493 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain 02130

*I'm more of a punk rock/metal guy, but every once and a while a country song connects. 
**Raleigh was where we moved from to come here, but Charleston, SC is our true hometown.
***Yes, I know it wasn't actually planned by cows.