Are We There Yet?

Do you remember what it was like going on long trips when you were younger? It was nothing short of painful. The thought of 5-10 hours in the back of a mini-van with limited bathroom and snack breaks would bring feelings of dread to the most emotionally stable child. And I grew up with a Gameboy (God forbid it ran out of batteries). I can hardly imagine the days before portable video games when hunting for letters of the alphabet was your most entertaining option. Honestly, I imagine you could only play the alphabet game 10-20 times before it was borderline torture. The wait for arrival was excruciating.

As I've had children of my own, I've stopped feeling as bad for eight-year-old me and wondered how my parents survived my impatience. There is a phrase that all children ask, albeit in different languages. It is imprinted in the young human soul like sin. "Are we there yet?"

It's simple logic, really. Some have set up the equation as such:

  • If the car is still moving, we are not there yet.
  • The car is still moving.
  • Therefore, we are not there yet.

The fact is that when there is something better coming in the future, we can become impatient in the present. Getting to Grandma's house is better than sitting in the car so we can't wait to get there. Or birthdays are better that non-birth days, so as a kid, it seems like they'll never arrive.

Now that you're an adult the destinations have changed. We ask "Are we there yet?" about different things. BIrthdays and Christmas seem to come and go quickly, and long rides in the car aren't nearly as painful. Yet, it may seem like you'll never graduate, get that promotion, or find your soul mate. The frustrating thing is that even when we finally get the thing or seemingly obtain the good life we find that we still haven't arrived at our destination.

Tomorrow we're going to explore James 5:7-12, where James helps us understand why we feel like we haven't arrived. Every time we ask, "Are we there yet?" James plays dad to us, and says, "Not yet, be patient. What you're truly waiting for is coming." Don't miss worship tomorrow, your soul needs it.

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