Waiting For a Package Like It's 1999


Do you remember waiting for mail as a kid? Time was so much slower back then, and waiting was excruciating. That's when I really needed Amazon same day shipping?

In particular, I remember ordering a new skateboard. It was a special Tony Hawk edition from Powell and it was on back order. Everyone wanted a Hawk skateboard in the late 90s'. There was no checking Amazon to see if it had shipped then tracking the UPS guy as he came near to your house. You had to just hope he would show up during the 3-5 day shipping window. I would constantly peek through the blinds, waiting to see that glorious brown truck drive down our street. Finally about three weeks late, the UPS guy made a delivery on a Sunday. I was so thrilled, I ripped it open and immediately started skating in the driveway.

We've all had these moments before. Maybe for you, it was a college acceptance letter, a birthday card, or a message from a pen-pal. Whatever it was, getting mail that you were waiting for was (is) super exciting.

Tomorrow we begin a new two week series called "Messengers." We're going to talk about the best long-awaited message that was ever sent in Jesus Christ. Then we'll look at how we continue to carry that message. I think this series is going to be powerful and impactful, not just for you, but for the people you intersect with every day.

Looking forward to worshiping with you tomorrow!

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