Three Words That Saved A Life

Sixteen-year-old Jamie Harrington

Sixteen-year-old Jamie Harrington

Recently, I read an article about a teenager named Jamie from Dublin, Ireland who saved a man's life with three words. Jamie was on the way to a local convenience store to grab a Gatorade when he saw a man in his 30s sitting too close to the edge of a bridge. Something about the situation made the sixteen-year-old uncomfortable so he approached the man and said these three words, "Are you ok?"

The man looked up at Jamie without saying a word but had tears streaming down his face. Jamie knew leaving the man wasn't an option. So he began a conversation. Those three words turned into a 45-minute impromptu teenage initiated counseling session. Eventually, Jamie convinced the man to get away from the edge of the bridge and take an ambulance to the local hospital where he was evaluated.

A few months later the man texted Jamie expressing how grateful he was that this sixteen-year-old took time to talk to him. He also informed Jamie that his life had taken a better turn and his wife was expecting a boy which they planned to name Jamie. The man credits being alive to Jamie's simple but powerful words, "Are you ok?"

Proverbs 25:11 says, "A word spoken at the right time is like gold apples in silver settings." In other words, the right words and the right time are beautiful and life-giving. I think the man on the bridge would agree that Jamie's timely words were a gift of beauty and vitality.

As we've seen over the past twelve weeks, James is very concerned about how we use our words. Where he usually turns to what we shouldn't say, at the end of his book, he tells us what we should say. This week James encourages us with several unexpected ways that we can use our words to give life.

Join tomorrow for our last week in James! Looking forward to worshiping Jesus with you.

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