Whose Will Is It Anyway?

If you have ever watched the old show “Whose line is it anyway?,” hosted originally by Drew Carey, you’ve probably found yourself ROFL or just SMH by the goofiness of an improv game “where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.”  During the game, a panel of comedians is given various scenarios to act out with no one knowing exactly what the other will do or say. They play off one another's lines and physical comedy.

It’s an amazing display of creativity and quick thinking. While it is framed as a game show, points are given and taken away arbitrarily by the host. It’s really just a means to make commentary on the quality of the laughs or sometimes the discomfort it created to get those laughs. There is a reward at the end but all of it is really just for laughs.

If you’ve been with us during our series in the book of James, “Devoted: The Wholehearted Way of Christ,”  you’ve probably noticed James isn’t going for many laughs. James is straight to the point of calling us to outwardly live the faith we say we have.

Most of us aren’t laughing when we think about planning our lives. In Boston especially people take planning very seriously. We may not think of it this way but are we really just improvisation artists doing it our way, looking for cheap points that don’t mean anything, or are we looking to be directed by the one who set the time of the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky? And who decides the scoring?  Is it me? You? Parents? Society? Maybe the Gover… nooo! I hope you’ll join us Sunday as we consider what James has to say about how we plan our lives. I’ll share some of the ways I’ve struggled with some of these questions, and they’ll probably make you laugh, even if James doesn’t.

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