Baby, Why Don't You Just Meet Me In The Middle?

A few months ago I heard the earworm, "The Middle" by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey. I've kept it in the vault for months, and against my better judgment, I'm referencing it today.

If you haven't heard the song, it's about a fighting couple. And apparently, things got pretty heated because they were throwing dishes... at each other. Lots of dishes. So many dishes that they ran out. Listen, I've been in a lot of arguments in my life, but I can promise you, I have never thrown a dish. If I had, I would be single right now.

I find the part where Maren Morris sings, "It's not about my pride" the most interesting. She says it's not about pride, but she is still unwilling to concede. She wants to find a compromise and meet in the "middle." Which doesn't scream, "I'm laying down my pride." Now, I'm not saying compromise is bad, but denying that it's about your pride is a good sign that there is probably some pride involved.

While you may have never thrown a dish (Or maybe you have?), we've all had some really gnarly fights. Fights that linger for days, months, and sometimes a lifetime. This week James looks at us and says, "No, your fights are about your pride." He gets down to the core of why we are at war with each other. Then he gives some real solutions for peace with those closest to us.

Join us tomorrow as we look at James 4:1-12 about finding peace in times of relational war.

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