Lady Justice Doesn't Receive The Face


This has been a week full of a lot of emotions and anger. Since April a zero-tolerance policy has been in effect on the Mexico border. That meant that people coming across would be prosecuted in a criminal court. The end result of this zero-tolerance policy was that young children were separated from their parents. In some cases, even infants were isolated from their mothers. For much of the U.S., a bold line had been crossed. Even some of the most fervent proponents of a strong border said this was wrong. The media, social media, and petitions to Congress actually made a difference. The policy on separating families was changed with the stroke of a pen. No doubt, there is a long way to go on immigration and the border, but for now, one great injustice has been reversed.

The issues on the border are intricate and difficult, but there is one thing all Christians should want: Justice. Why? Because King Jesus is just. With justice comes a sense of fairness and impartiality. In our country, we actually personify justice as a blindfolded woman holding scales. Why is she blindfolded? Because justice means getting to the truth without favoritism or partiality. It's deciding on what's right without taking into account externals like race, gender, attractiveness, culture, wealth, or age. The new zero-tolerance policy seemed anything but blind.

James refers to of partiality as, "Receiving the face." The phrase is so Jewish that he had to coin a Greek word to describe it. It comes into English as "Favortism" or "Partiality," but it's a euphemism for the evil of judging people based on outward appearances. Partiality and discrimination is nothing new. James was dealing with it in the ancient church and humanity has been dealing with it since the third page of the Bible. This week James brings one of his most challenging messages on the evils of favoritism. He gives a critique of Christ-followers that... Let's just say, doesn't "receive the face." He has something for everyone.

Join us Sunday as we take an in-depth look at favoritism in James 2:1-13.

In Christ,
Ivey Rhodes
Lead Pastor

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