Can You Hear Me Now?

This week I'm excited to have my dad preaching on Father's day! This week's blog also comes from him. Enjoy!
-Ivey Rhodes, Lead Pastor Mosaic Boston Jamaica Plain

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have been heard. Countless times, I walked into the house as a young father and called for my wife, Kelly, to help me with something. If I couldn’t get a response, I immediately looked at the children and asked, “Where’s your mother?” Regardless of the reason that I needed her, I really wanted to know that I had been heard.

Over the years, I would call out the same question over and over expectantly waiting to hear back from her. But as the years progressed, I would call out for her with less and less satisfaction because Kelly hadn’t heard me. We blamed it on our large house, the clothes dryer being too loud, or even my voice not carrying like it used to. Soon it became painfully obvious that she hadn’t heard me because she couldn’t hear me. She had a problem.

So Kelly made an appointment with the ear, nose, and throat specialist. After the examination, she was informed that her inner ear was calcifying. She had lost nearly 90% of her hearing in one ear and a significant amount of hearing in the other. Although this could never be described as a good thing, it was actually about to become a life-changing debilitation. You see, she was not only my wife but a second-grade teacher. It was getting more and more difficult to hear what her students were saying.  Without her hearing, she wouldn’t be able to teach. The thought sent us to the Lord for wisdom to know what we could do.

In the meantime, Kelly’s ENT had given her information on a procedure that had recently been approved for her type of hearing loss that would replace her inner ear bones with a titanium inner ear. After consulting with her doctor, he felt that she would be a perfect candidate for the procedure. Soon she had the operation scheduled, insurance approved, and a thought that maybe there was hope for her future in hearing that would allow her to continue teaching. I’m happy to report (or maybe not so happy) that she now has an almost supernatural ability, and now I can’t get away with anything! She hears with an excellence that most people could only dream of.

As I think back on those days, I wonder what God thinks about me not being able to hear Him when He speaks to me on a spiritual level. Time and time again, the Lord calls out to me, and I have a problem (or problems) that cause me to not hear Him when He calls. Just as there was an answer to Kelly’s problem, so there is an answer to our problem. James is very clear as to what we can do to hear God clearly, maybe even supernaturally when He speaks. God calls out, “Can you hear me now?” Are you able to hear Him?

In Christ,
Trey Rhodes

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More on Trey and Kelly Rhodes
Trey and Kelly Rhodes began fulltime ministry as missionaries to South Africa. Once back in the U.S. my they worked hard in the local church with students and in the music ministry. In the late 80s', God called Trey to be a pastor. He did his graduate studies at Southeastern Theological Seminary, graduating with M.Div with a focus in missiology. He has 25 years of full-time pastoral ministry experience and over a decade of church planting experience. Currently, he serves as the Connections Pastor at Northwood Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC.