The Various Trials of LeBron James

Ben Margot/Associated Press

Ben Margot/Associated Press

If you watched our Celtics get beat by the Cavaliers last week, you probably have very little love for Lebron. Although it was really amazing to see a young Celtics team give LeBron a run for his money, the pure talent and maturity of James and the Cavs won out.

In game one of the 2018 NBA finals, Lebron James put up 51 points. That was almost half of the Cavs entire score and over twice as much as the next highest scoring player on his team. Plus, he had 8 rebounds and 8 assists. His performance is top 10 in playoff history. He was unstoppable, phenomenal, incredible, and a lot of other "-ables." But it wasn't enough.

King James broke another record, the highest score for a player that lost in the finals. The Babylon Bee joked that LeBron suffered a herniated disc while carrying the Cavaliers on his back. For a moment James almost single-handedly beat the super-team Warriors, and yet victory fell through his fingers because of a missed free throw and confusion about the score.

When the loss sunk in, LeBron was crushed. He put on one of the greatest performances of his career, yet his team lost. Have you ever felt like that before? You're trying your hardest, giving it your all, but no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get ahead. Many times, by no fault of your own.

In week two of our series through the book of James we're going to look at what he calls, "Various trials." James helps us understand why we go through hard days (years?) and what their purpose is in our lives. While Pastor James' words don't remove the pain, they give it purpose.

Join us Sunday as we seek to understand pain in our lives through James 1:2-12. We'll also partake of communion and enjoy a potluck lunch together after the service.

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