Your Dream Job


I found your perfect job. No, seriously. Hear me out. Netflix is hiring, and I'm not talking about a coding position. They're hiring what is called an "Editorial Analyst of Original Content." Which is a really professional sounding title for getting paid to binge watch their original series. You heard that right, Netflix is hiring people to do what we already do, why not get paid for it? #DreamJob

Ok, you probably won't be one of Netflix's Editorial Analyst of Original Content. But everyone has to work... and most of us work a lot. To make ends meet, hustle is required in a city like Boston. Many of you spend more waking hours at some kind of job than any other place in the world. Because work is life. Jobs are complicated. On some level, they are fulfilling but exhausting. There are moments where you feel like you're in your flow which quickly turns into a slog. Work is hard. Thankfully work is not ignored by the Scriptures. It's addressed on the first page. The original laborer was none other than... God.


This Sunday we're going to start a three part mini-series about reclaiming our work. I know, you don't want to think about work during the weekend, but I promise, the Scriptures give more meaning to your work. You'll leave more prepared for Monday by what you hear on Sunday.

This week will set the foundation for work in the Scriptures and examine the spiritual basis for work. In week two we get more practical as we look at how to determine the will of God and what it means to be a good Christian worker. Finally, in week three we'll examine how we invest our time and if what we do really matters.

Join us for worship Sunday!
10:30 AM
Curley K-8
493 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain 02130


Volunteer at Curley K-8 Friday, April 13
We're always looking for good ways to serve in JP. Recently a teacher from Curley asked us to help turn a closet into an office. This is a simple task that a few volunteers can handle. Let Pastor Ivey know if you'd like to help.

Wake Up the Earth Festival in JP: Saturday, May 5
Every year Spontaneous Celebrations holds a Wake Up the Earth festival in Jamaica Plain. There are food vendors, community organizations, businesses, artists, musicians, and lots of people. This year Mosaic JP has a booth. We need volunteers to help run the booth for the six-hour duration. Let Allie know if you'd like to help with that.