Hey, Take It Easy!


For the past three weeks, we have explored who created work, why work matters, and how to know what job God wants you to take. As one person told me this week at Community Group, "You guys have me thinking about work all the time now!" You'll be happy to know we're shifting the conversation from work to rest. Now that's something you can support: RE-LAX-A-TION!!

This week I was combing through some studies on work-a-holism. Along the way, I found that the average American works more hours than the average European, and supposedly we're not any better for it. Which was surprising to me for a number of reasons. But the same study told me something that didn't surprise me. Boston is one of the most hardworking cities in America.


Out of the top 116 largest cities in 2018, Boston is the seventh hardest working city in the U.S.. You're not surprised, are you? No one has to tell you how hard you work just to make ends meet. Everything in the city is more expensive, but moving out just isn't appealing... yet.

God tells us to work hard, but he also tells us to rest hard. You were made to after a hard day (or month), as my kids say, "Hit the hay hard." God wants you to take a break and relax. It's built into who you are. In tomorrows sermon we'll explore the biblical basis for gospel rest, relaxation, and leisure. So bring your Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and sandals because we're going to, in the words of Jack Black in Nacho Libre, "Hey, take it easy."

In Christ,
Ivey Rhodes
Lead Pastor

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