The Day That Jesus Reclaimed Life

I am super excited about two things tomorrow: Easter and the start of our new series, "Reclaim."

Reclaim is one of those buzz words. Reclaimed pallets, reclaimed lumber, reclaimed language, even reclaimed trash. As I see it, there are a few things we should never reclaim. Never reclaim the gum under the table. Let's just leave that there. Never reclaim old coffee. Seriously, just dump that garbage down the drain.

But in our new series, we'll explore everyday issues and reclaim their meaning through the scriptures. On one level, it is going to be really practical, but also deeply spiritual. Those two things are not mutually exclusive. We all deal with work, family, friendships, relationships, and finances every day of our lives. The Bible is not silent on these issues. Starting tomorrow we're going to look at reclaiming what God intended for them in the beginning. The first message in the series will look at Doubting Thomas and how he reclaimed his faith. It's a fascinating and inspiring story that I think we can all relate to on some level.

Join us tomorrow at 10:30 AM at Curley K-8 this Easter and celebrate the risen Jesus!

In Christ,
Ivey Rhodes