What Does Red Look Like To a Blind Person?

Have you ever fallen down a Youtube black hole? Yeah, you have... you know what I'm talking about. It draws you in and there is little that can break you away from its gravitational pull. Every once and a while this happens to me, and it's not always as bad as I made it sound. Sometimes I happen upon some a gem. One day while clicking through Youtube videos I found the fascinating "Tommy Edison Experience" channel.

Tommy is a man who was born blind. He doesn't have any clue what seeing is. He has learned to do well in life and in some ways, he is more capable than you or me. One of the more fascinating videos I ever watched was when he began to describe intangible things like color and the horizon. He has absolutely no concept or understanding of them. I encourage you to watch the video below. As a seeing person, it will blow your mind.

Jesus ran into a man, like Tommy, who was born blind from birth. He was not visually impaired. He had never seen a tree or experienced the color red. He lived a life of complete darkness. But The Light of the World found him one day and brought illumination to this blind man's life. In John 9 will look at how physical blindness is not the worse type of blindness we can have. Spiritual blindness is.

Join us at church as we explore the life-changing story of the man born blind.

In Christ,
Ivey Rhodes
Lead Pastor Mosaic Boston, Jamaica Plain

10:30 AM
493 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130