The Rhinestone Mafia


To say weddings are a big deal is to understate how big a deal they really are. Throughout my years I’ve seen some pretty crazy brides, and it makes sense. As the wedding day approaches brides have unbelievable pressure put on them for a 30-minute ceremony and an expensive two-hour party.

When we got married, Allie was determined that she would not be bridezilla. She was going to be different, caring, compassionate, and understanding. To her credit, she was. But... (you knew there was a "but" coming)

Our wedding day came. The details were done and everything was going according to plan. Allie was supposed to be enjoying her day. You see, Allie had ordered 100 beautiful gold and red gerbera daisies as big as your face. They were the centerpiece decor of the wedding. So my aunt went to pick-up the flowers. When she came back, she returned with a small bouquet. Instead of 100 Gerber daisies, they gave her 100 little daisies, each about as big as your pinky nail. These were not the flowers she was looking for.

Allie freaked! She immediately ran to her car, a rhinestone bride hat firmly affixed upon her head and a posse of bridesmaids in tow. They arrived at the flower shop like some sort of rhinestone mafia. Allie asked through clenched teeth, “Where are my flowers?” When they apologized for the mistake, she let them know that wasn’t good enough. Then they offered to give her store credit. Still not enough.

This is from her, and I quote, “I have a wedding in a few hours. I don’t care what you have to do, but you better have my flowers there in time!” All they said was, “Yes, ma’am.”

They got in a van and drove a four hour round trip to pick up 100 gerbera daisies. Let’s just say, don’t mess with a bride on her wedding day.*

Weddings are a big deal. And they’re such a big deal because of all they represent. They aren’t just a ceremony or regular party. They are the inauguration of a lifelong relationship. They are for real and the is probably why we want them to be perfect.

Tomorrow, we start our new series called, "Show me a Sign." Over the next seven weeks, we're going to journey through the seven signs of John. Tomorrow we look at the amazing first sign where Jesus saves a disaster of a wedding by turning water into wine.

Join us tomorrow 10:30 AM at Curley K-8 (493 Centre St., Jamaica Plain). Bring a friend!

*Disclaimer: I was not present for this event, I only heard the story via a line of relationships which I will never name for fear they may be killed.


Baptism February 25
If you've recently become a Christian or have never been baptized, make sure you talk to Pastor Ivey or Pastor Bill this Sunday about being baptized on Feb. 25.

Charter Membership Class March 11
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