The Old Prophet

Have you ever been prophesied over? Maybe it’s something that happens regularly for you, but it’s not something that happens to me every day… or come to think of it, every year. A lot of that probably comes from the Christian tradition I come out of, but still, I’m not sure how often prophecy is a part of the average Christian’s daily experience. But there was one time.

When I first came to Boston I was a part of a pastoral residency at Mosaic Brookline. In it, I was learning the basics of being a pastor in New England. One of my tasks was emailing pastors in the area to glean wisdom from their experience. It was equal parts insightful and intimidating. One of the best experiences I had was with a pastor around my age that had seen some incredible activity from God in his section of the greater Boston area. That night he did something I’ve never had done before… he prophesied. His first prophecy has already come true (It wasn’t about me, but the actual content isn’t important), but the second prophecy was over me.

He began by saying, “Do you mind if I prophesy over you?” I thought for a second, and said, “Uh, Sure.” He put his hands on my head and began to pray. What began as an uncomfortable moment would turn into a powerful, encouraging, and challenging word. I hope his words over me become a reality. I’m still waiting. As long as I’m alive, there is time.

This Sunday we look at a prophecy given by an old mother-to-be and pronounced over a teenage girl named Mary. It is a beautiful Christmas carol by Elizabeth in Luke 1:35-49, one you don't want to miss.

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