A Nobody That Gave Everything

Until a couple of weeks ago you would have had no idea who John Chau was. If you've been paying attention to the news cycle, you'll know him because he was the missionary killed while attempting to make contact with a tribe on the remote North Sentinel Island located about 850 miles off the eastern coast of India. The people group he was trying to share the gospel with were known as the Sentinelese. They had been contacted by outsiders a few times before and each time had led to horrible outcomes for the Sentinelese people. It seems that they swore that any other outsiders would not be tolerated. John was martyred while trying to bring the gospel to the Sentinelese.

People have gone round and round about whether Chau's mission was ethical. That's not what I want to talk about. While methods and motivations should be considered in the morality of a missionary endeavor, there is one thing that followers of Christ must agree on: We are a missionary people.

John Chau knew the risks he was taking in bringing the gospel to the Sentinelese. He trained for years in anthropology, language training, and medicine all with eternal destination the Sentinelese on his heart. He knew that his life could be taken from him. He knew that even if he succeeded in making contact with them it would take a decade or more to learn their language and explain the gospel of Jesus. Yet, it was worth it to him.

If you would like to learn more about John here is a good article and an insightful podcast.

I'm not sure what John wanted to do before God put a dream in his heart to bring the gospel to the Sentinelese people, but I know for a fact there was a point where his dream and God's dream conflicted. At that point John had to make a choice, would he let his dream die for God's greater dream. John chose God's dream. His death may seem like a waste to us, but it wasn't a waste to God. God can and will use John's death for his greater glory. John is another redeemed nobody in a long list of nobodies, which by becoming nothing, was made somebody.

Tomorrow we look at Mary. She was a nobody girl who 2000 years ago let her dreams die for God's more beautiful dream. God uses nobodies from nowhere like Mary and John to do great things for his kingdom if they choose to be faithful. I'm excited to talk more about it tomorrow!