A Grown-Up Christmas

Maybe you've noticed this too?  This time of year you often see people you haven't in a while either by traveling home, or a family picture posted on social media, or an old-fashioned Christmas card. Often times I realize how many years have passed since I last saw family or friends by the size or number of their children.  Oh, maybe I knew that they had had a child or children since we last spent time together but suddenly seeing a child who is running around and talking in full sentences when you are still thinking of them as a new-born will make you very aware of how many years have slipped by. Or maybe the child is suddenly taller than your wife. Sorry, Bev this happens a lot I know. This happened to me recently when friends posted a video of their four kids on Facebook to wish everyone a happy birthday, and I had to do a head count because the last time I saw them was before our move to Boston, and there was a real distinction between the three kids and then one baby. Now there are FOUR kids all running around and talking. The youngest at the stage I still remember the oldest at. Kids grow so fast!

In a similar way this Sunday we'll experience a time jump in the Christmas story.  Last week he's an infant in a manger. This week we're going to see him as a pre-teen who says his first recorded words in Luke 2:39-52.  It's a good reminder at the end of the Christmas season that Jesus didn't just stay in that manger, and he didn't just come so we could have an excuse to put on silly hats and exchange gifts. The Bible says he "grew" in all the ways people do while being God in the flesh, but it's so unfathomable we may have a tendency to leave him in the Christmas story or we may go the other way and leave out his starting point as an infant.  But in this passage, Luke gives us this only glimpse of the boy Jesus so that we are reminded of his humanity and his deity. So, this Sunday I'm going to ask you to ask yourself as I ask myself, How grown up is my view of Jesus? I hope you'll join me in seeking to grow our understanding of Jesus this Sunday.