Did Mary Know?

Christmas is still the one time of year where you can hear worship songs proclaimed in the streets. This past Monday Allie and I brought the family down to the “Blink” Christmas light show at Quincy Market. While there, we listened to a group of carolers do their best Pentatonix impression, singing, “Mary Did You Know?” They beatboxed and all. It was pretty impressive.

Originally written by comedian Mark Lowry, “Mary Did You Know?” has become one of those Christmas classics that you’ll hear on playlists and shared on social media every holiday. A few years ago it was covered by the Pentatonix garnering more than 130,000,000 views on Youtube to date. It’s also been covered by Kenny Rogers, Cee Lo Green, and a host of others.


Not to be “that guy,” but after watching the carolers finish their impressive rendition of the song, I turned to Allie and said, “She knew.” If you read Gabriel’s announcement in Luke 1:26-38, he was really clear about who Mary’s child would be. Then in Luke 1:45-56 Mary sang a carol of her own, proving that she had a really good idea that kissing the face of her child was kissing the face of God.

I know, it’s sort of “hip” to throw classics like this under the bus. I don’t want to do that much. I will say that even if Mary knew, it can help us understand better the gravity of the Christ child. Which is actually the point of the song. What matters most today, is not if Mary knew, but do you know?

Tomorrow we’re going to look at Mary’s worship song in Luke 1. It’s a magnificent carol for the ages. A carol that speaks of a great reversal of all that is wrong which will come through the child she carried. See you at church tomorrow for week 4 of A Classic Christmas.

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