The Final Word

There is this phenomenon known as knowledge blindness. It’s when you know something so you assume everyone else does too, but they actually don’t.

Imagine for a moment you work in a gas station in an area you’ve lived in for a long time. You know all the streets and landmarks. Getting around the town is second nature to you. You’re so knowledgeable about the area that you navigate home with your subconscious while being lost in your thoughts. One day while working a stranger enters the gas station and asks for directions. You say, “Oh, that’s easy,” and give directions that amount to a short but thorough dissertation. Then you smile and rhetorically ask, “Didn't you get all that?” Because of course, they did. The stranger stares back at you in horror because, well, they did not get all that.

I’ll admit, in the realm of the Bible, I may have some knowledge blindness. I grew up being taught it, reading it, and studying it. Then I went to college to learn more about it and then got a four-year graduates degree in it. I’ve assumed a majority of people understand where God’s Word comes from and the process of understanding and interpreting it, but I shouldn’t have.

In the past few months, I’ve received questions about the veracity of the Scriptures. What is it? Can it be trusted? How do we know what it really says? Why are there so many translations? Why does that one mysterious guy flee the Gethsemane naked in Mark 14:52? Ok, no one asked me that last one. But seriously, why?

This Sunday we begin “The Final Word.” In it, we’ll explore and expose the Bible for what it really is: God’s Word. I think you’ll be surprised and leave with more confidence and love for The Word of God. If that happens, I’ve done my job. Bring your Bibles and I’ll see you Sunday!

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