A Classic Christmas

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and ate way too much. It’s the one day of the year where you are not allowed to count calories! Well, at least that’s my opinion.

Last night as Allie and I were getting ready to drift off into a turkey-induced tryptophan trance, we got into a discussion about setting up the Christmas tree. Because of her work schedule, she was suggesting we set it up in the afternoon… while it was still daylight. I would have none of the nonsense. I’m not sure how your family did it, but my family usually set up our Christmas tree the night after Thanksgiving. It was our tradition to listen to Harry Connick Jr.’s classic When My Heart Finds Christmas, drink hot cocoa, and dress up the tree. This was not something that could be done willy-nilly in the afternoon. We had to do it after dark. I explained that Christmas is not a task to be accomplished, but a season to enjoy. I argued that “Part of Christmas is having it feel like Christmas.” For me, it was better to put it off a day, decorate in the evening, and retain my nostalgic ambiance. She laughed, thought for a second, and agreed. That’s when I knew we were going to have a magical Christmas!

For many, Christmas has always been a special time. Your family probably had their own traditions and quirks. As we get older we take those old habits, mix them with some new ones, and create our twist on the old traditions. But it’s important that Christmas feels like Christmas. At least for me, it’s important to have a classic Christmas (I even have a playlist on Apple Music labeled that).

Last Christmas we did an awesome series about all the Christ-like figures leading up to Jesus in the Old Testament. It was about the most unChristmas Christmas series ever. So this year we’re going classic. Sunday we start our series A Classic Christmas. We’re taking that classic Christmas story found in the book of Luke and finding incredible insight for Christmas and beyond. This week we look at Zechariah’s encounter with Gabriel, announcing the birth of Christ’s forerunner. It’s a fascinating story about answered prayer, lost faith, and kept promises. See you Sunday!

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