Understanding God's Word

This series has been very different from any series so far. There is no doubt that The Final Word has been a bit more like teaching than preaching. On my side, it’s been a lot of research and study, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I hope it’s also been helpful, enjoyable, and challenging for you.

In week one we saw how we can be confident that we have the actual words of the writers. In week two we saw the supernatural imprint of God on the Scriptures. The Word of God is actually that… the words of God. Every week I have reiterated, that if the Scriptures are not God’s Word, then it’s of very little importance. If it is God’s Word than it’s of ultimate importance. Now, in week three we turn to understanding and interpreting this book of ultimate importance.

While I believe we have great translations of God’s Word, there are times when it takes a lot of effort to understand ideas that would have been intuitive to the original audience. It makes sense. We are separated from the Scriptures by language, culture, and thousands of years. Reading any ancient document is going to take a bit of work. So this week, we’re going to put the work in.

Like with the rest of this series, we’re going to do something really different tomorrow. Do you remember that really annoying instruction in school, “Solve the problem, and show your work.” That’s what we’ll be doing this Sunday in three phases. In phase one we’ll look at a few helpful steps to understand the Scriptures better. In phase two we’ll put those steps to use. Finally, in phase three we’ll tackle a very difficult New Testament passage using our tools. I hope you’ll join us.

After church Allie and I will be hosting a Question and Response lunch where pastor Bill and I will do our best to answer your questions regarding this wonderful book we call the Bible. We’ve already had several great questions submitted. If you have a question, please click below and submit it. Even if you can’t attend we’ll be audio recording the session. If you can attend, please RSVP no later than Saturday night.



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