My Child is A Prophet

In our house, the kid’s rooms are downstairs and everything else is upstairs. This means that if I need to communicate with one of my children while they’re downstairs, I have to actually make the journey. That’s a lot of work. So I have two choices: A) Purchase a cell phone and text them messages like, “It’s time for dinner.” B) Use the resources the Lord has provided and send one of their siblings downstairs to deliver the message. Who am I to question the Lord’s provision? I’m choosing B every time.

The best case scenario is that the childish messenger arrives in peace, proclaiming, “Father has requested you join the family at the table for dinner.” The more likely scenario is that they grumpily huff downstairs and deliver the message thus, “Hey! Hey! Time to eat!” At this point, the hearer of the message has a choice, listen to their jerky sibling or continue about life as if no message was delivered. Option B is the often chosen wrong decision.

Inaction on the part of the child is only acceptable if the message being delivered is directly from their sibling. But if this message is from me, the message takes on a whole different dynamic. To make my point clear, I have put my words into the mouth of a prophet, who, as my agent, delivers the message that dinner is ready. If I didn’t say it, the message has no authority, but if I did say it, the message carries all the authority of dad, and inaction is rebellion.

I’m sure you can see the connection I’m making. This week we look at if the Scriptures are actually the words of God. If we determine it is the Word of God, then the message contained has all authority. If we determine that it isn’t the Word of God then what’s in the book is of very little importance.

I hope you’ll join us tomorrow for worship and week two of “The Final Word.” I look forward to worshiping with you!

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