Is Marriage Outdated?

I was recently watching a TV show where a partially drunk bridesmaid gave an uncomfortably awkward reception speech. This bridesmaid’s marriage was on the rocks. Her relationship with her husband was complicated, to say the least. The result was very little marital bliss and a whole bunch of pain. Her glorious reception speech went as such, “Marriage is hard work. I mean, one second everything is great, and then you step on some invisible landmine and boom, KABOOM! Because it’s hard. It’s just hard.” Sensing how bad her speech was, she tried to salvage it by saying, “But it’s the hard that makes it good.” -Long awkward pause- “What I’m trying to say is that it’s going to be fine. It’s going to be soooofine.” Talk about a depressing outlook on marriage.

No one sets out to have a horrible marriage. No one desires to hate their spouse’s guts. No one wants a divorce. We don’t even want a “fine” marriage. We want marital bliss! But bad marriages are very real and have been for a long time.

After the divorce culture of boomers and generation Xers, Millennials and Generation Zersare legitimately asking: What’s the point of getting married? Think about it, if you can get all the benefits of marriage without any of the baggage, doesn’t staying unmarried seem more reasonable?

At first glance, that sounds perfect. All the upside, none of thedown. But I would argue that you cannot have all the benefits of marriage without marriage itself. Sure you can have sex. And while sex is important, it’s just a piece of the larger equation. Even with today’s marriage skepticism, a beautiful Christ-honoring marriage canhappen. And I so want that for you, but more importantly, God wants that for you.

Tomorrow we look at the plan and glue of a successful marriage. If you’re married, you don’t want to miss. If you think you’ll get married one day (And still almost 90% of you will), you don’t want to miss. My prayer is that Sunday will set you up for a beautiful life-long marriage whether your current marriage is happy, jacked up, or you’re skeptical about the whole institution.

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Oh, one final note: After service tomorrow we’re celebrating our first birthday as a church! We’ll have cake and a potluck in the cafeteria. Come celebrate all that Jesus has done in this first year!!