Who is this Person Who Fears the Lord?


I’m really excited to have Derek Wheeler preach this Sunday. Derek and his wife Hannah have been with us since the beginning. He works with our sound team, plays the drums, leads a Community Group, and now he’s preaching. We just try to make him do everything. He has a great message for this Sunday, and I’d love for you to come hear him. And Give his blog a read!

Ivey Rhodes
Lead Pastor


As we get closer to Halloween, many of us are reminded of our greatest fears. Whether it’s phobias we deal with on a daily basis, an anxious fear invoked by our shortcomings, or fear magnified by the media in this ‘Age of Terror,’ there’s a lot in this broken world that causes fear in our hearts.

God reminds us time and time again in scripture not to fear what man can do. But at the same time God tells us to fear Himself. God is calling us to quintessential fear, but what does it really mean? How do we know we have it? For something that is written about so often in the Old and New Testament, we don’t tend to give it much thought. Have you ever really contemplated your fear of God?

This week I hope to help you contemplate what it means to truly fear God, by looking at how David expressed his fear of God in Psalm 25. David reflects on shame, instruction, obedience, trust, and dependence. He even poses the question directly: “Who is this person who fears the Lord?”

I’m humbled to have the opportunity to share some of the ways God has been working in my heart. Join us tomorrow as we look at characteristics in David’s psalm which exhibit his desire for quintessential fear. We will endeavor to use his experiences to learn how to boast in God as our greatest fear.

Praying for you,
Derek Wheeler
Community Group Leader

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