A Forever Family

The adoption process is almost always long and hard, but I love seeing families adopt children. Many of my friends are foster parents, and social media has allowed me to watch the process from the outside. First, they bring home a child, but their faces are covered up with a heart or some other cute emoji. Over the weeks, months, and years they give updates about the child and the situation. They ask you to pray for these often very difficult circumstances. Then, for some, you hear that one day the adoption is final! Then there is the face reveal, and alongside the face reveal is often a hashtag #ForeverFamily.

These children, are finally welcomed into a loving family. The hope isn’t that they’ll only have a family for their time on earth, but through Christ, these kids will have an eternal family. That they’ll be a forever family walking the streets of heaven together.

The forever family that all Christian share is a church family. The people that follow Jesus and are in church, you’re going to live with them forever. Think about it, for many, earthly families end at death, many friendships will end at death, even marriage ends at death. But the church. You’re stuck with us. So we better learn not just how to get along, but how to thrive and advance together!

This has been a wild series. I’ve never had this much feedback. I’m glad that it was able to help some of you in your relationships, and I’m happy that it sparked some really great conversations. Whether you’re single, married, or simply friends, my hope is that you’ve seen that none of us were meant to journey through life alone. Join us tomorrow as we look at how to flourish in the church as a forever family.

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