You've Got A Friend In Me

In the Pixar classic "Toy Story" we meet Woody the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear a spaceman from the future, two toys that would become friends by the end of the movie, but begin as bitter rivals. Woody is the cowboy incumbent top-toy who is threatened by the newcomer's flashy style, newest-latest great thing status, and admiration of the other toys. When the rivalry boils over the two find themselves lost and in danger of being left behind forever if they don't catch up with their child, Andy.

During the adventure, the conflict flares up again and is only resolved when Buzz accepts and embraces being a toy, and Woody realizes that being a toy is about bringing joy to a child rather than who is the top-toy. This is the point where they become friends, the point where they realize that they have something transcendent...  Well, that'll preach... but I may have already given away too much.

So, I hope you'll join me at worship tomorrow as we look at what the Bible says about friendship.  I know the last few weeks in our relationship series have been tough at times but I think you'll find this a friendly sermon... Haha... Get it?  Seriously though, the Bible always has some points that confront us, and force us to lay ourselves down, and this week will be no different if I'm doing it right. I can't wait to worship with you.  We're getting near the end of our relationship series with just a one more after this. I know you won't want to miss this as we talk about a relationship that is so impactful to all of our lives.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Bill

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