Sending Thoughts, Prayers, and Good Vibes Your Way

What's the tragedy this week? One week it's an incredibly destructive natural disaster and the next, it's a shooting. Each time you'll see posts hit Facebook hashtagged #PrayFor_______. Then come the profile picture frames.

A few months back I got a Twitter feed news alert that someone had been murdered during the night less than a mile from our house. To top it all off, the murderer was on the run. That night I triple checked all the doors and attempted to lock the deadbolts tighter (as if I could). Then I rested my head on my pillow, closed my eyes tight, and prayed for protection for my family. Was that just a cute gesture to comfort my worrying mind to sleep?


I don't know if you've seen these before, but these "Thoughts and prayer" memes are all over the internet. A quick Google image search will give you thousands of examples that you'll feel guilty laughing about. Don't get me wrong, I understand and can resonate with the sentiment, "Don't just pray. Do something!" And it's true too many people are happy watching reruns of CSI and typing #Praying under a Facebook post while never actually murmuring a sentence to God. But these memes completely misunderstand how Biblical Christianity sees prayer. These memes rest on the idea that praying is merely talking to the air under your breath. They depend on the fact that no one is listening. They see it as a personal coping mechanism where you feel like you're doing something yet settling for inaction.


But what if prayer actually does something. What if there really is an all-powerful God? What if this God actually listens to his people? What if prayer isn't speaking to the wind, but catching the ear of your eternal omnipotent Father? Suddenly, #Prayfor______ doesn't seem so powerless if people are actually praying to God.

Tomorrow we begin our series "Prayer" by looking at how the follower of Christ should respond to pain and injustice in the world. Then in the following weeks, we will take topics of injustice and concern and pray deeply for them during the service and the rest of the week.

Bundle up and join us for worship tomorrow at 10:30 AM at Curley K-8 in Jamaica Plain. It'll be warm inside.


Sign up for tomorrow's potluck here. If you're new to potlucks, simply bring one of your favorite dishes to share with everyone. If everyone brings enough for themselves and their family, we'll have plenty of food. If for some reason you can't bring something, still stay and eat with us. You can bring something next time.

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