The Way to The Best Cannolis

If you haven't been to Boston's historic North End, I highly recommend it. That said, you probably have, because it is the tourist destination. I think it comes down to the cannolis (We can argue about the best place for cannolis in the North End later [It's obviously Modern {but you already knew that}]).

This story doesn't start in the North End. It starts in Manhatten. In November of last year, I went on a trip to Manhatten for a conference. I had only been living in Boston for a couple of months, but I was already getting used to Boston's crazy roads and sidewalks.

Boston is beautiful, but New York is massive on a new scale. Nothing says this more than the sidewalks. While I had been to Manhattan before, I hadn't been post-Boston. The sidewalks were massive!! We have highways in Boston that are thinner than the sidewalks in Manhattan. They were like people superhighways. It would have strained my arm to throw a baseball from one side to the other... Ok, maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration.

If you've ever tried to get around in Boston or walked down the sidewalks in the North End, you'll notice that people regularly use the middle of the road as an extension of the six-inch "sidewalks." And if you try to roll a stroller through you'll get more than a few nasty looks. The road to good Cannolis is narrow and difficult. But oh so worth it.

Jesus said, "How narrow is the gate and difficult the road that leads to life, and few find it" (Matthew 7:14). Cannolis are good and the road is narrow and difficult, but they don't even compare to knowing God. They don't even come close to the beauty of heaven... in fact, it's a little silly to compare them, but maybe you get my point. Many times the best things in life are worth the difficult road. Tomorrow we're going to talk about the absolute best thing, God. Being in a relationship with the God of the Bible is rarely easy, but always good.

I hope to see you tomorrow at our launch! We have our regular service and full kids services. Grab a bagel and some coffee from our refreshment table, and join us for worship.

Lead Pastor Mosaic Boston Jamaica Plain