Kings, Kingdoms, and a Game of Thrones

A few weeks ago 30,000,000 people watched the premiere of Game of Thrones (Probably more, but they don't count the bootleg numbers). I'll confess I've never seen an episode but caught up through a handy five minute Youtube video (I'm sure I understand everything now). As advanced as we are as a civilization there is something about us that really obsesses about a rightful king or queen taking the throne to rule with justice. 

For millennia myths of kings and kingdoms have been told, retold, and remixed. Stories like King Arthur persist today. He was a mythological king that supposedly didn't die, and at some point in history, it was thought he might return. At the turn of the millennium, The Lord of the Rings captured America's imagination. It was the story of a rightful King named Aragorn who was forced by circumstances beyond his control to live out his days as a patrolman of the border of Eriado. It's through the destruction of an evil invisibility ring that the king of Gondor once again returns to set all things right in Middle Earth. That was by far the nerdiest paragraph I've written this week.

I propose that all these stories of rulers returning to their thrones to rule with justice are rooted in the eternal cosmic story of the gospel. It's a story that we see throughout the scriptures and I'm going to be telling it tomorrow.

We would love to have you join us as we start our new series, "In Boston as it is in Heaven." Tomorrow we'll look at a king, his kingdom, and his return to set things right. While a story like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings may capture your imagination, you can only observe. But in the story of King Jesus, you get to participate. Yeah, it's awesome.

Listen to the first sermon in our In Boston as it is in Heaven series below: