Good News, Too Good to Keep

Have you ever received really good news and you had to keep it to yourself? It's agonizing!

A couple of friends of mine got pregnant a few years ago. They had only been married a few months earlier. So, the fact she was pregnant was a bit of a surprise. At this time, the couple and I would carpool to church. I got in the car that early Sunday morning and the first thing the husband said to me with a beaming smile was, "We're pregnant!" (Which I've always thought was a weird statement, but I knew what he meant). Shocked, I simply replied, "Awesome!" And then he gave me the worst phrase any person who receives news could hear, "You can't tell anyone. We haven't even told our parents yet." I was simultaneously privileged and maddened by the news. We got to church and all I could think to myself was, "Don't say anything. Don't tell them. Don't say a word." It was so stressful! Eventually, I took Allie, my wife, off to the side and told her quietly. I made her swear she wouldn't say a word. Fortunately, it stopped with her.

We've all experienced the stress of keeping really good news. It's so hard because good news is contagious. When we hear it we want to spread it. Last week we went through a cliffs notes version of the biblical story. We talked about how King Jesus is the focus of the whole cosmic story: Genesis to Revelation. This week we're talking about your role in the story. We all have a part in the greatest story of all time. How well are you taking on your role?

Listen to the final sermon in our In Boston as it is in Heaven series below: