Panic in Chemistry Class

Exams are never fun... even less so when you aren't expecting them. This quick story comes from my wife Allie.

Allie and I got to know each other as I consoled her walking out of high school honors chemistry class. It was far from her favorite class, and I was totally ok being a shoulder to cry on. Finally, she passed chemistry and ended high school in the top 10% of her 800 person class. She is way smarter than I could ever dream to be (Pretty sure I finished in the bottom 10%, we'll go with the theory that I was a late bloomer 😬).

Fast-forward to the first semester of college. She was a nursing major in her first chemistry class. She was doing way better in college chemistry than in high school. All that hard learning had paid off. One morning she was walking from the "caf" eating her hashbrowns on the way to her 8 A.M. chemistry class. It was a beautiful day, Allie had a smile on her face, and the birds were singing her song. Life was good. She walked into class without a weight on her shoulders. But she noticed that everyone in class was literally sweating. They were in full panic mode. To which she sat down slowly and timidly asked, "Hey guys, what's going on?" Turns out there were three grades in that class: two exams and a project, and she had totally forgotten about this one. Her beautiful day quickly turned into a nuclear winter.

I wish I could tell you she miraculously passed the test with a 91. No, she flunked the test hard with a 52. yet, this story ends happily because she earned two 100s to make it out of the class with a passing grade.

Allie's story is the stuff of nightmares. Maybe you've felt that before?

The Christmas story finds some of its earliest beginnings in the unreasonable God ordained test of a famous old testament character named Abraham. Tomorrow we look at how God tested Abraham, how he reacted, and why it matters to us 4000 years later


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🎄 Church on Christmas Eve 🎄
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