A Special Event This Sunday

If you've visited us at Mosaic you've probably met someone from the Hopkins family. Beverly is usually near the front greeting guests as they come in, Ruthie is running around helping wherever she is most needed, and Bill is often meeting new guests and advocating for our community groups. Their story of faith is pretty incredible. Without spoiling too much, by moving to Boston, they took a step that many of us would find ridiculous. That's the thing about God, he takes ridiculous faith and does something really special with it.

Tomorrow we are ordaining Bill into the ministry. While we've been calling him pastor for a while, he will become an official reverend tomorrow. Which means you have to call him "Rev" from now on. Ok, just kidding. Here's the thing about Bill, he has been working hard in the ministry for years. Becoming an ordained minister won't change what he does (He'll still be working just as hard for Jesus as he ever has), but tomorrow we officially recognize and affirm Bill's calling to set him apart for the work of the ministry. Join us as we worship through music, learn from God's Word, pray, and ordain Bill Hopkins.